Daily Fresh Cuts

Daily Fresh Cuts provide farm-to-table specialty cut produce for all our customers’ food service needs.

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Our specialty cuts include hand cut melons and pineapple as well as any variety of vegetable and fruit blends. You can rely on the fact that everything is cut fresh and pricing cannot be matched.

Lagudi Fresh Food Group also offers fresh, HPP fruit and vegetable juices. Cold Pressed Juicing generally refers to the act of using High Pressure to reduce bacteria in the product and give it a commercial shelf life (as opposed to using heat-based technology/pasteurizing). The High Pressure process (HPP) uses a hypobaric chamber which is filled with the bottles/product and water, and the pressure is increased to around 6,000 bar/87,000 psi. (Or, about the 6x more than the pressure at the deepest part of the ocean). Because no heat is used, vitamins are retained for longer, and it's particularly useful for processing vegetables or leafy greens, like carrot juice and spinach, as the 'raw' taste is retained. Juicing methods are still pretty much "the same" as any other process - just the post-juicing process is focused on following the latest HAACP safety and cleanliness requirements.

We are excited to provide the safest and cleanest produce your customers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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